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by J. René Guerra

- translated by

Luis Rojas and

Johnny Guerra -

"Sing Inés, sing, because your talent is necessary!

Apart from having all the nuances in your voice, Inés, you have an extraordinary virtue: you know how to tell a story.

As you see gentlemen, this little girl, Inés Cuello, has a lot to say in the Argentina’s Music”

- Héctor Larrea via “El aire de aqui”,

Nacional Folklorica Radio, September 19th, 2018.

ph: Yael Szmulewicz & Tan Kurttekin video capture

In Tejedor's kindergarten 901, Inés was the first voice of the choir and made her public singing debut at age 5, with two Buenos Aires tango classics: "El día que me quieras" and "Sur".

In 1996 the Cuello-Bitochi family moved to the city of Bragado, where Inés began her guitar, piano and singing classes with the teacher who saw her grow up, Jorge Monaco.

At the age of 13 she obtained her first recognitions as a singer in the Buenos Aires Youth Tournaments, in which she won five gold medals representing her city, in the categories Female Singer of Folklore, Ensemble Vocal and Instrumental and Female Singer of Tango.

At the age of 16 she was already determined to become a professional singer, that's why every Wednesday Inés traveled 250 km to take lyric singing classes in the City of Buenos Aires with Liliana Invernizzio. That coming and going, sustained for several years, would be the first path of a career set by travel and music.

Since 2007 she settled in the Capital and was concerned about acquiring an extensive training: she studied vocal technique with Marina Biasotti; Argentinian popular music repertoire with Laura Hatton; musical language, harmony and audio-perception with Gustavo Hernández.

With only 20 years old, she obtained the first place as a female tango singer in the most important contest in the City of Buenos Aires: XVII "Hugo del Carril". As a result, she performed at the Alvear theater with the Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra, conducted by Néstor Marconi and Raúl Garello.

That same year, 2009, he made his first international tour with the show "Último Tango" by the company Tango Pasión with the Sexteto Stazo Mayor, by Luis Stazo. They toured Portugal, Greece and Germany.

In August 2010, Inés toured Peru (Lima and Cuzco) as a member of the UTN Musical Project.

Supported by Orlando Costa, who was then Mayor of Bragado, in 2011 Inés launched her first album “Sueño de Juventud”, released by the Fonocal label with the help of Fabio Hager Sexteto.

2012 started with a tour across Chile and another to China as a member of the Tango Desire company. In June she traveled, alongside with Julián Hermida's sextet, to the III International Tango Festival of Porto Alegre in Brazil. In August, she returned to China to participate in the 31st Harbin Arts Summer Concert, televised throughout the Asian country. That year ended with a tour across Brazil with the show “A Paso de Tango”, under the direction of Jonathan Spitel and Betsabet Flores.

During 2013 and 2014 she participated in three extensive tours throughout 45 cities in China with the show “The Real Tango”, by the Tango Desire company, under the general direction of Carlos Ferreyra.

In 2015 she released her album “Canciones del Sur”, recorded live during a tour of Spain, together with guitarist Ramón Maschio. This album was presented the next year in Spain, Portugal and Argentina, and for it, Inés was nominated in the category Best Female Tango Artist Album, for the 2016 Gardel Awards.

That same year, she was selected to join the Master Music Ensemble of the Kirchner Cultural Center along with 30 other young musicians, under the direction of Diego Schissi.

In 2017 she toured 29 cities in Japan integrating the show "Dramatic Tango", with Horacio Romo Sexteto and renowned dancers. As dissemination material for the tour, an album with the repertoire of the concerts was released in Japan: “Tangos del alba”. co-production by and Min-On.

That same year she visited Colombia, to participate as a singer and jury at the “Festitango” in the city of Medellín, under the direction of Julio César Sierra.

Two years later, in 2019, she returned to the Caribbean country to participate in the “Tango al Mayor Festival” at the “Teatro Mayor” in Bogotá, accompanied by the Andrés Linetzky Sextet.

Lima, Trujillo and Arequipa were the Peruvian destinations that she visited during 2019 as a singer of Quinteto La Grela's company: Furor Tango.

The City of Buenos Aires has also witnessed Inés' talent thanks to her participation in the most recognized shows and places of the tango nights: Sabor a Tango; Esquina Homero Manzi; Buenas Noches Buenos Aires, at the Broadway Theater, with Virginia Luque and Alberto Podestá; Forbidden Tango, at the Astral Theater with the Tango Desire company; Voz Tango; Bien de Tango, at the Borges Cultural Center; Tango Porteño; Esquina Carlos Gardel, Café de Los Angelitos; Madame Tango at the Lola Membrives theater and TangOasis written and directed by Sol Cerquides.

Since mid-2016 she has been a singer in Quinteto La Grela, in 2017 she featured on the album “SUPERCLÁSICO” as a singer guest. Throughout these years, Inés has made important performances with them, among which the concerts in La Usina del Arte, the ECUNHI and the Tango Festival of the City of Buenos Aires stand out.

In February 2018 she performed at the Teatro Colón in the City of Buenos Aires, as a guest of the show “Gardel Sinfónico” by Ariel Ardit.

In 2019, she recorded as a singer guest of the Lavallén / Estigarribia / Cabarcos trio on the album "Comme il faut". That same year she participated in the recording of the live album “Alquimia” by the musician and guitarist Sergio Zabala, with whom she regularly performs in a duo format.

In 2019, the launch of “NÓMADA” was made, an experimental band that integrates with Leonardo Andersen (guitar), Facundo Peralta (bass) and Mauro Caracotche (percussion), which is in the process of recording their first record material. That same year, Inés entered the formation of the vocal group SANTAIRES made up of Mario "Tato" Angeleri, Horacio Felamini, Mau Caracotche and Manu Navarro.

In March 2021, Inés sang at the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires with La Grela Quintet, in a tribute concert to the great Astor Piazzolla, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

A few years ago, Inés discovered a new passion: teaching. Since then she has dedicated herself to teaching group and individual singing and acting classes while, in parallel, she develops her next (so necessary for the national music scene) projects and tours.

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